Saturday, October 27, 2012

Study Abroad Memory: Il Rosso e Il Blu

As previously mentioned, my study abroad classes focused on Italian film.  One class discussed the usage of Rome in classic Italian cinema, and the other class discussed issues and culture in contemporary Italian cinema.  As a part of studying contemporary Italian cinema, my classmates, professors and I were invited to the set of Italian director Giuseppe Piccioni's 2012 film, Il Rosso e Il Blu.  It premiered in Italy last month, and I just found the trailer online.  

Il Rosso e Il Blu is a film about the challenges teachers and students face in the Italian public education system, set in liceo, or an Italian high school.  It stars some of the biggest names in Italian film, Riccardo Scamarcio and Margherita Buy.  Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of information on the film in English, but the trailer is still worth checking out.  

This movie is also special to me because it was the inspiration behind my final project for my two classes.  I created an integrated marketing plan for the film, studying Italian perspectives on film promotion, and integrating it with American marketing tactics. Although I did not have as much training in public relations and marketing communications then as I do now, I am still proud of it! My professor from Italy asked if she could show my plan to Giuseppe, the director, and as a going away gift, she gave everyone in my study abroad group a red and blue pencil, which is the symbol of the Italian school system! 

Red and Blue pencil! Photo Credit:

The image above is what the title Il Rosso e Il Blu means - the standard pencil Italian teachers use to correct students' work.  The red side of the pencil is used for a wrong answer, and the blue side is used for a correct answer.  

I cannot wait until this film comes out with subtitles!  The trailer even includes clips of two scenes for which my classmates and I were present.  Il Rosso e Il Blu is special to me because sometimes I felt confused with film jargon and technicalities in class, but my marketing plan allowed me to show everyone one of my greatest strengths! 

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