Sunday, September 30, 2012

Italian Inspired Outfit!

Growing up, I often heard that the stereotypical outfit for an Italian American was head to toe black - even on my high school Italian class field trips, everyone dressed in dark colors.  While I love a good neutral, and black is flattering on everyone, dressing colorfully is much more fun! 

On Chi-rish Day, the day of the St. Patty's Day Parade in Chicago, I pay tribute to my Irish half of my family by wearing green and orange.  So why not give my Italian heritage a nod with a red, white and green outfit? The best part is, this is also versatile for holidays such as Christmas and St. Joseph's Day! 

I decided to base my outfit off of the Italian flag. After researching the meaning of the three colors, I learned that they do not have set significance except for kingdoms and city states merging together  in order to create modern Italy. provides some great information about the flag's history and examples of previous government flags! 

So without further ado, here is a screenshot of my Polyvore creation:

I will definitely have to pack an outfit similar to this for my next visit to La Citta Eterna!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Italian Pinterest Find: Believe in Your Dreams

I recently found this photo on Pinterest and I adore it.  It perfectly describes my attitude about many things, including my decision to study in Rome last summer. Believing in your dreams and being proactive about attaining them are essential to la bella vita. 

A Look at Summer's Italian Findings

Now that I am halfway through Fall Quarter of my senior year, I finally found time to sit down and write.  Summer was crazy - my dream internship was a fantastic experience, and it definitely prepared me for the professional world.  Fall at DePaul has been hectic as well. As a Panhellenic officer, sorority recruitment was busy but so exciting - a record number of women joined our chapters this year! In the midst of it all, I still found time to reminisce about Italy and keep a little bit of it alive in Chicago.

AC Roma Football (Soccer) at Wrigley Field

My family and I attended AC Roma's soccer game at Wrigley Field in July. It was so great to see Italy fans out and about on the North Side, and Roma won!

Festa Italiana on Taylor Street

Complete with a model Trevi Fountain, Festa Italiana is an Italy-lover's dream come true.  Taylor Street vendors set up booths with food, drinks, and dessert, and fest attendees stayed entertained with old fashioned Italian music, a Bocce tournament, and a meatball eating contest.  Magnifico! 

I cannot wait to feature more fabulous Italian findings on La Bella Vita!