Friday, November 2, 2012

Musica Italiana

Italian music was constantly present when I was growing up.  My Nonna took care of me while my parents worked, and her way of teaching me Italian was through singing traditional Italian songs. It was after dinner ritual that my Nonna, parents, aunt and I would sing "Un Mazzolin Di Fiori," a traditonal Alpini, or Italian Mountain Solider song about flowers. Singing songs such as this allowed me to learn how to correctly pronounce words at young age, even though I did not know the exact translation.  I was lucky enough to find a YouTube video of the same song, titled "Quel Mazzolin Di Fiori."

As I grew older, it no longer was "cool" to sing "Un Mazzolin Di Fiori" at the dinner table.  However, as I grew up and started taking an interest in pop culture, The Lizzie McGuire Movie came out and modern remixes of old Italian songs were included in the soundtrack. Dean Martin hits "Volare," and "On an Evening in Roma" are two.  The song that truly got me into learning about "Italian Pop" was American singer Vitamin C's cover of Volare for Lizzie McGuire. 

When I started taking Italian in high school, I yearned to discover more Italian music. After searching high and low for current hits, my mother and I found a compilation album from the Sanremo music festival, the Italian leg of Univision.  "Che bella gente" by Simone Christicchi, and "Svegliarsi la mattina" by Zero Assoluto became top played songs in my iPod.  For Christmas, one of my cousins gave me an Eros Ramazzotti greatest hits album. "Cuore Agitati" is now one of my favorite songs. 

Searching "Italian Pop Music" on iTunes also helped me discovered some gems of Italian pop songs. "Happy hour" by Ligabue and "Bella Vera" by 883 are catchy upbeat songs from the late '90s/early 2000's that I still enjoy today.  Even remixes of classic Italian hits, such as "Ti Amo," make me happy.

My Italian friends introduced me to more up to date Italian music during my study abroad trip. Although American hits are usually played in cafe's and bars, some Italian artists are just as popular. Listening to songs by Fabri Fibra, specifically "Le donne," "In Italia," and "Vip in Trip" take me back to Rome and Bari. 

Italian music still brings my family together. Recording artist Patrizio Buanne is a favorite amongst every generation of women in my family, from my Nonna to my little cousins. His original music and covers of classic Italian and Italian American hits make you feel as if you are sipping espresso in a piazza. 

Italian music is diverse, romantic, and catchy. It will always have a special place in my heart! 

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