Wednesday, October 17, 2012

National Pasta Day

Today a PR related Twitter account that I follow informed me that it is National Pasta Day! Of course for Italians, every day is National Pasta Day, but I still think it is a fun way to celebrate a staple food that is known and loved around the world.

To celebrate National Pasta Day, here are some interesting facts about pasta, courtesy of the website Life In Italy:

  • Although it is believed that Marco Polo brought pasta back to Italy from a journey to China, it is also believed that Arab invasions of the 8th Century had an influence on modern dried pasta. 
  • Italians eat over 60 pounds of pasta per year, per person!
  • There are around 350 shapes of dried pasta. 

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From the perspective of a college student, pasta is cheap and easy to cook, with tons of varieties from which to choose! For example, I recently found "vegetable pasta" at Dominick's, pasta claimed to be made from vegetables such as carrots and beets. It was delicious. I also discovered a recipe for squash-based spaghetti via Pinterest from the food blog, - definitely something I would like to investigate! 

Personally, pasta has always been a staple in my diet due to my Italian heritage. Nonna makes homemade ravioli every Christmas, and my mom makes a delicious penne, chicken, and vegetable dish.     I have countless memories based around it.  Many of my favorite meals during my study abroad experience in Rome consisted of some sort of pasta, specifically gnocchi quattro formaggi - gnocchi with four cheese sauce. Pasta dinners was also one of the ways my little sister in my sorority and I bonded during Chicago's 2011 "Snowpacolypse!" My mom and Nonna's pasta dishes are always welcome comfort food when I am stressed out about work or finals.  

Pasta is perfetto!

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