Monday, September 23, 2013

Venice Film Festival

While this is a delayed post, I want to acknowledge that the 70th Annual Venice Film Festival, or La Bienniale di Venezia, took place between August 28 and September 7. The world's oldest film festival, it takes place every year on the island of Lido, one of the small beach islands in La Serenissima. 

Since I studied film in Italy, I was excited to follow some of the happenings at the event. The Huffington Post "Venice Film Festival" tag has some great posts, and the Los Angeles Times photo gallery displays great shots from the event. 

Photo credit:

Did you follow the Venice Film Festival? What movie are you most looking forward to seeing? 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Venetian Dreams

While I studied abroad in Rome, my family is actually from a small town in the Veneto region, a few hours outside Venice. The 2013 Venice Film Festival (more on that later) is in full swing, and led me to reflect on the city's rich history and beauty. I hope someday I can explore La Serenissima for more than a few hours on my last day in Italy!

Like the rest of Italy, Venice is structurally magnificent. Photos such as those below, found via Polyvore, are a great way to add some bella vita to your home or office!


Venezia by colettem featuring wall art

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Local La Bella Vita: The Italian Way

To whoever invented The Italian Way, you are awesome and you read my mind. I downloaded your app last week and I ADORE it. 

For those who are not familiar with The Italian Way, it is an iPad app available in the App Store that allows users to search for Italian-inspired locales in cities across the United States, ensuring its users have a slice of la bella vita. Whether you are exploring your own neighborhood or venturing across the country, an Italian-filled life is at your fingertips. 

The app's intro gets users ready to experience Italian culture in the US!

Select your city and discover new Italian locales!

Create an itinerary of places to visit in your chosen city.
From gelato stands to a passeggiata in a park, a small part of Italy is present everywhere. 

I cannot wait to explore some new gelato stands, pizzerias and parks in Chicago. 
Allow The Italian Way to help you live la bella vita and celebrate Italian culture!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Viva Italia

I found some great Italian or Italian-inspired items on Polyvore over the weekend. No matter your budget, it is always possible to have a slice of la bella vita in your home! Viva Italia

Chain handle handbag
$1.70 -

Pandora jewelry

Tying silk scarve
$115 -

Underground sign

Book cover
$31 -

Home wall decor

Seashell home decor

Italian lighting

Mosaic jewelry box

Coperte - Letto - Italia
$130 -