Monday, May 20, 2013

Piazza Spagna - Spanish Steps

I vividly remember the first time I entered Piazza Spagna. I was heading to my Italian placement exam at the school hosting my program. Walking through the Spagna metro stop into the sunlight felt like a scene from a movie. The sun was shining on the palm trees and exquisite buildings. Locals and tourists were running around, even though it was pretty early.

The sun was shining down on the stone steps and the fountain at the base was flowing. The piazza was crowded with rose sellers, police officers and pedestrians. This was where Lizzie McGure signed autographs as Italian pop star Isabella, was what I thought to myself. Lame, I know.

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After passing this area every day for class, I started to take it for granted as I sometimes do in Chicago.

Piazza Spagna and the Spanish Steps are a cornerstone of the Eternal City. If you are looking for something affordable to do in Rome, get some drinks or gelato and spend your evening on the Spanish Steps. Piazzas are a gathering spot in Europe and this piazza is no different. One of my friends and I realized this on our last night in Rome and were so disappointed we did not realize it sooner! The hustle and bustle of the intersecting streets, tons of people and occasional live music is a beautiful sight. 

Piazza Spagna in the early evening is a true example of living "la bella vita." Simple, relaxed and fun. 

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