Monday, March 25, 2013

Roman Sights: Largo di Torre Argentina

Reflecting on To Rome With Love reminded me of how much time I spent at or near Largo di Torre Argentina. The Eternal City is a confusing one, so my friends and I used landmarks to navigate. Largo di Torre Argentina is part Roman ruin, part cat sanctuary. 

The Roman Ruins near Corso Vittorio Emmanuele is the former home of Pompey's Theater, where Julius Caesar was murdered.  It is a true piece of history. The website hosts live webcams of the piazza: 

Photo credit:

As you can see, the ruins are located below street level; pedestrians are not able to walk through. Today, it is home to Rome's stray cats! 

The ancient ruins now function as a cat shelter, run by Roman citizens dedicated to giving these felines a better life. According to International Business Times, foreigners can even adopt! English website provides more detailed information. 

Recent reports state that Italian officials want to close the cat sanctuary, however, Roman cat lovers are fighting them. Hopefully these furry friends are able to keep their home; they make great photo-ops and definitely add character to the ruins. 

Located near a tram stop, Largo di Torre Argentina is not only a 
great navigation landmark, but a fun stop while sightseeing in La Citta Eterna!

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