Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Belated Tribute to St. Joseph's Day

Unfortunately St. Joseph's Day 2013 fell during my winter quarter finals, and I did not have a chance to indulge in a cannoli or three. My family celebrates this feast day with food, the color red and cannoli. Both my brother and Nonno are named Joseph, so our celebration was twofold. Growing up, I always heard stories about the St. Joseph's table at my mom's family's church in the city. A St. Joseph's Table is a large table to which those celebrating the holiday bring various treats to share with those celebrating!

Cannoli, a personal favorite.
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I personally started to embrace the holiday through my high school Italian class. Although there was no organized "Italian Club," all four levels of Italian students brought in treats to share in class. From meatballs to zeppolle, we feasted on March 19th. We also collected pasta and canned sauce for local food pantries. Italian class was intense, so it was always nice to take a break and remember why we were coming together to learn the language. 

Thanks to the quarter system, my personal celebrations often take place during spring break, or when I recruit friends to eat pasta and some sort of Italian dessert. Since my public relations final went well, I like to think St. Joseph was still on my side on Tuesday! 

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