Saturday, December 21, 2013

A visit to Northern Italy: Marositca

If someone were to scan my blog, they may assume my Italian family is from Rome. Surprise, surprise! That is incorrect. My family is from the province of Vicenza in the Veneto region - my Nonna's side is primarily from Marostica and my Nonno's side resides mostly in Belvedere. 

I grew up hearing stories about this area. One of my older cousins even took my Nonna twice. I was lucky enough to visit for a week after my Rome program ended, and met many relatives in person for the first time! I even got to stay at the farm on which my Nonna and Zio (great uncle) were born! 

This is the cherry tree on my Zio and Zia's farm - it's been in the family for ages!
Although Marostica is a smaller town, it is known for a few things: 
  • Partita degli Scacchi: a biannual live chess tournament. The town piazza is actually designed as a chess board. People dress up as medieval chess pieces - one of my cousins actually participates. From what I hear it is a great time. If you visit the area in the early fall and the Partita degli Scacchi takes place, go!
  • Marostica cherries: My family's farm only has one cherry tree now, but Marostica is known for its cherry production. 
  • Diesel Jeans: Yes, the founder of the famous clothing company is from my Nonna's hometown! This was the coolest fact I learned while visiting. One of the company's main factories is based in Marostica. Many citizens love Diesel since their founder is a local. 
My Marostica set on Polyvore! Click here to check out some of the Diesel jeans, cherry and chess items I found. 

I also really enjoy the Marostica market. Local vendors set up shops in and around the piazza on set days (I believe Tuesday is one). 

If you ever get a chance to visit Marostica, I recommend it! Try to go in the fall for the feast of St. Simeon (the city's patron saint) or the Partita degli Scacchi. 

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