Monday, October 21, 2013

La Bella Vita Around the World: Lavazza Italian Film Festival

Today I came across the headline "Largest Italian Film Festival outside of Italy opens in Adelaide," and needed to learn more. An entire Italian film festival in a different country!? How fascinating!

The 2013 Lavazza Italian Film Festival opens on October 22 in Adelaide, a major city in Australia. It opens with a Cannes hit, The Great Beauty, set in Rome. The festival's focus is on "scenic Italy," and "a particular romance with Rome," according to a representative from Palace Cinemas, the theater at which the festival is held. 

Adelaide, South Australia
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Fellini's Roma, will close out the festival on November 11. I love the festival's focus on Rome - historically, it is the center of Italian cinema and so many of the country's classic films are set there. To this day, Rome exudes the same romance it did when classic Fellini films were in production - it is the perfect focus for a film festival.

This sounds like a magnificent experience, I wish a spur of the moment trip to Australia was possible!

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