Thursday, August 1, 2013

24 Hours in Rome

Recently, a close friend asked me to make a "must see" list for Rome to aid her upcoming Europe trip planning. It seemed easy, but I sat down to compose the list, I had a hard time limiting myself to two days worth of activities. Not everyone is able to spend an extended amount of time exploring a city, so I thought I would compose a short list for travelers with limited time in the Eternal City. 

For those in Rome for 24 hours:

Ancient Rome: Colosseum, Ruins, Largo Argentina - this is not arguable
Trevi Fountain: throw a coin in and wish for a more extended return!
Piazza Spagna & Via Condotti: channel your inner Lizzie McGuire and cartwheel in this trendy area.
Piazza Navona: romanticized Rome, beautiful art, entertainment, delicious food...and tartufo.
Vatican City: I was personally excited to see the Vatican after hearing about it during 12 years of religion classes. Take a photo with the Swiss Guard and get Old Bridge Gelato.
Campo dei Fiori: Vibrant piazza, must see for young travelers
Scholars: Required. Bonus points if you karaoke. 

Tips for a 48 hour visit:

All of the above, plus: 
Castel Sant'Angelo: Go to the market and to the restaurant and bar downstairs on the Tiber River. 
Trastevere: the last part of Rome to modernize. Beautiful architecture, delicious food and great for exploring! 
Vatican Museum: Visit the Sistine Chapel and see beautiful art like Raphael's The School of Athens. Get Old Bridge Gelato twice. 
The Pantheon: An architectural wonder; it is a pagan chapel turned church and resting place for the first and last Italian monarchs. 

Walk around and take in the city as much as you can. Enjoy the street markets, cobblestone and relaxed lifestyle. Eat all the pizza and pasta you desire. 

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