Monday, June 3, 2013

Cannoli, a Classic Italian Dessert

Cannoli. In my opinion, this sweet treat is the epitome of Italian culture. Although its structure and details very by region, the basic makeup and deliciousness stays the same. 

Originally from Sicily, cannoli are found all over Italy and are a staple in Italian American restaurants. Crisp, cylinder shaped dough filled with sugary ricotta. Sometimes chocolate chips or pistachio are mixed in the filling. 

Cannoli filling at my house!

There are variants on the traditional Sicilian cannoli. My Nonna makes them by forming the dough as a cone and filling it with whipped vanilla pudding. In Rome, cannoli are adorned with fruit preserves. 

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A bakery near my home even sells cannoli cakes. Not just cake with cannoli flavoring, but a giant cannoli shell with smaller ones inside! This treat takes a variety of forms, from broken apart shells dipped in filling, chocolate dipped shells, minis or extra large cannoli. 

Travel tip: be sure to try a cannoli in every part of Italy you visit and compare them. 

It's important to note that when ordering in Italian, one cannoli is a cannolo. However, they are so delicious you will not be able to eat just one! 

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