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This post is worthy of a one-word title because the topic is so great.

Gelato is the single greatest culinary experience in Italy. While cooking styles vary by region and city, gelato stays the same. For the most part. Not all gelato is created equal, but they come close. 

For only a few euros, you can immerse yourself in total happiness. Combine flavors, add some "crema" or fruit, eat it in a cup, cone or on a Belgian waffle. True Italian gelato is a reason in and of itself to visit the country. 

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Five weeks in Rome certainly taught me that some gelaterie are better than others. My rule of thumb when choosing which sweet wonderland to fork over your Euros to is to try to pick a small business. The chain shops are more expensive and you do not get more for your money. 

My favorite gelateria in Rome? 

Old Bridge Gelateria. 

If you ever go to Rome, write this down and go there. Located next to Vatican City, this shop offers delicious flavors, large quantities and low prices. My go-to combo? Stracciatella e Ricotta con crema. 

I visited many gelaterie in other Roman cities. In my family's hometown, Marostica, we visited the shop near the piazza and I had a delicious Cioccolato. Florence was home to some magnificent gelato and waffle combos. A town near Bari had a gelateria with karaoke at night! 

Aside from how delicious ice cream's Italian counterpart is, gelaterie are a gathering place for visitors and locals alike. Many of these businesses sell crepes with Nutella, wine and apertivi and are open until early morning. 

There are few places in the U.S. that emulate the atmosphere and quality of true Italian gelato, so savor it during your visit! 

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