Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Cipro Neighborhood, Part One

Over the past few weeks, I helped a few of my sorority sisters prepare their Rome study abroad applications, leading me to reflect on my time there. No matter how long you are in a place, studying abroad has a profound impact on one's worldview. For me, I was able to realize a lifelong dream and introduced to an area of study I never thought to pursue.

Vatican City, on the way to the Castle. 

The photos and video footage of St. Peter's Square recently on the news brought back fond Roman memories. I particularly enjoyed running through the Cipro neighborhood late at night to get to the river walk near Castel Sant'Angelo.

The Tiber River near Vatican City and the castle are where some of my fondest memories from Rome originate. My diverse study abroad class, sixteen people with varying interests, personalities and tastes generally enjoyed the river. Since public transit closes at 11 and it is customary in Italy to stay out late, this was where we spent many nights when we did not feel like walking back from the city centre. 
Best place in Rome. 

The area is also a fun place to explore during the day! A market runs along the path right above the riverwalk, next to the castle. It is a great place to find jewelry, photos and souvenir items, while practicing your bartering skills! I got a great pair of earrings there. My brother got an AC Milan jersey when he and my aunt came to Rome at the end of the program.

My earrings from the market!

The pool on the Tiber. What a great way to beat the Roman heat!
A pool is even set up on the river. Unfortunately, I discovered it the day we were set to leave. I just see that as another reason to return to Rome someday! If you are ever interested in visiting, there are adult, children and student rates. 

The Cipro neighborhood is filled with culture, history and tradition. However, it was also my backyard for five weeks and home to some of my fondest Italian memories. Whenever I visit Rome in the future, I will definitely make it a point to return to this area. 

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